Minimalist Chic Grocery Shopping List

I’m a hungry grocery shopper. For whatever reason, I usually go grocery shopping while I’m hungry. Which means I usually end up spending more money than necessary and I usually get home with a bunch of Kashi cookies and old man crackers. I’m starting to plan my meals a little more, so I also get to compare what I have with what I have to make full meals. I also love this because I get to prepare my coupons and compare prices in the paper, saving me even more time and money.

I used to hate the idea of a grocery list, but when I started saving $100 a week in groceries, I feel in love! Say no more! When I make my grocery list, I either use the notepad on my phone or most of the time, I like the nogalistic feeling actually writing, so I love the good old pen to paper list. I am very particular about the “look” of things, so I came up with my own “household” binder where I organize things like groceries, budget, bills, home improvement, credit stuff, you know, adulting vibes. ( I’ll be showing you guys that soon! ) Anyway! I thought this was cute enough to share. If you’d like a chic & minimal printable grocery list here it is!

Click the link below to download the list!

Chic Minimalist Grocery List PDF Download




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