Healing Crystals : Black Tourmaline to block negativity

This is Black Tourmaline. It protects against negativity in all forms. It also protects again electromagnetic energy. I always place a plant and Black Tourmaline next to my computers, TV screens and any other electronic that is emitting electromagnetic energy. It helps to clear, cleanse and ground your spirit.

I’ve started to meditate before praying. I’m always battling a wondering mind and fighting to focus my thoughts. Meditation has taught me how to relax my body, calm my mind and open your heart. So that I can offer God my sincerest prayers from my heart and embrace that connectedness with my higher Self.

It’s not something that comes easy to me, I’ve had to work at it. Stillness and inner peace is a journey but I’m down for the process. One particular morning, I’m meditating, right? About letting go. Swimming in my thoughts negative AND positive. Thinking about family, school, friends, business. Opening myself up, like REALLY opening myself up to the universe and its blessings and refusing to allow negative vibrations penetrate my soul and block my rays. I was on a high and I said I wasn’t going to harbor those negative feelings towards anyone so that in return I could atone and make sure I wasn’t receiving that same energy. A couple of hours later. I get a message from an old friend. that I haven’t spoken to in forever. Apologizing, extending a hand, being sincere. I said I wasn’t going to hold grudges anymore and God was like, really? Let me see. I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe in the power of attraction. I believe in the reciprocity of the universe and I believe that you better be ready and be aware of what energy you put out because it travels and it will come back. If you give off bad vibes, bad vibes will find you. If you exude disconnected-ness, disconnected-ness will place its self at your doorstep. See but if If you open your self up to love, love will find you. If you let go of blockages, you better be ready for what gets through!


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