Green Thumb Fresh Mani Brielle Louise

Green Thumb Fresh Mani Brielle Louise

Up until about three years ago, you could not pay me to touch soil.

Actually, I used to call it dirt. FYI, don’t use the word dirt. Dirt is a cheap word. It doesn’t accurately describe how incredible soil is. Dirt is usually rocky and doesn’t have the nutrients and microbes that you need to grow rich produce. Dirt doesn’t compress well. It’s isn’t a good foundation to grow anything from. Soil is the perfect foundation to grow from. A good soil slides and clumps in your hand, like snow from the first snow fall. It is overflowing with nutrients, microbes, fat, healthy earthworms, red-wigglers, bacteria, fungi, and protozoa.

All of which I would have NEVER in a million years touched whether my nails were done or not. Before my experience of working on a farm, I had no idea, you could use your hands; along with a few other helpful tools, to be so powerful. There is power in growing, producing and working the land that we were given. Along the fence is a beautiful arrangement of dill, lemon balm and lavender to repel the insects I am now grateful to see in my garden from eating my produce; but I am grateful to see them nontheless.

Hints of my style are reflected through analogous arrangements giving off that rose gold, cinnamony color vibe that I love so much. We should be fruitful in everything that we do. I am glad that I am discovering myself through agriculture. I use the word discover because I would watch HGTV and read other blogs and unrealistically compare my reality to theirs. I grew up in the inner city of Detroit. The closest thing to a garden that I’ve ever touched was making mud pies in the backyard of our bungalow house near Six mile and Dequindre and helping my Mom plant petunias in the front yard ( Of which I hated ).

Sometimes I wear gloves in the garden, sometimes I don’t. I don’t have real “hard-core” gardening gear yet, I wear my hunter boots and I am still getting used to the idea of “coexisting” with rollie pollies and earthworms. Cultivating and producing from the land we live on is a responsibility. Not only to our creator, to ourselves. WE need to be able to produce food that will give us health, maintain our health and sustain us in a proper way. But that’s another post for another time. I’m glad I am figuring out how to make agriculture my thing. Because I still I find it quite satisfying to get a manicure on the weekend after digging in the land of earthworms harvesting eggplants and peppers.

because there was a time where I used think that you had to choose between the two….

Green Thumb Fresh Mani Brielle Louise

Green Thumb Fresh Mani Brielle Louise


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